Rain on your wedding day needn’t be a disaster, as long as there’s a plan B in place! Take the stress away with a wet weather expectation and embrace the precipitation!

Rainy Wedding With Umbrellas
One very happy couple during their wet weather wedding ceremony!

Here are my 5 top tips for making wet weddings wonderful . . .

1. If it’s an outdoor wedding, and you aren’t providing a covered area for the ceremony (with a Celebrant, your wedding can take place ANYWHERE – no need for a licensed venue), ask your guests to BE PREPARED from the outset (ask them to bring brollies, macs and wellies if rain is looking likely!). This avoids any last minute panic, phoning around for umbrellas. After all, posh frocks and suits with wellies can be a great look!

2. Rent a tent – or several! A marquee or similar large undercover space really is absolutely essential if you’re having a big gathering and you’ll be in the great outdoors all day – ensuring there’s somewhere dry and comfortable for your guests to enjoy the celebrations all together.

3. Be realistic and practical with wedding wear – if you’re a bride (or groom!) who’s just GOT to wear heels, no matter what the weather, go for wedges instead of stilettos (why not have heeled wellies on standby?!)

4. Get creative with your photos – any photographer worth their fee will know just how to use the rain to create some fabulous effects.

Rainy wedding photo
Make the most of wet weather photo opportunities!

5. DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED – it’s normal of course, to hope for wall to wall sunshine on your big day, but if it’s not to be, it’s completely out of your control – a gloomy mood won’t help and will rub off on your guests, so try to embrace the dampness. Stay positive and upbeat. Take advantage of opportunities for romantic photos and enjoy the intimate feel the rain can generate – everyone all together keeping calm and carrying on. You’ll be surprised how MEMORABLE and fabulous a rainy wedding day can be.

So get set with your plan and don’t let our changeable British summers spoil your celebrations. As the age old saying goes . . . every cloud has a silver lining . . . especially if you opt for a personalised, bespoke and beautiful, celebrant-led ceremony, that is sure to be at the heart of your wedding day!